Brand ambassador

7 Ways to Nurture Your Brand Champions

The thoughts below pertain to a smaller business, however all of the strategy listed scales well for any sized company that wants to continue to create passion and loyalty for what they do. The larger the group, the harder it is to gain and keep those individuals excited about your efforts, as you have less[…]

customer journey

The Marketing Funnel Explained In Horse Terms

There tends to be some mystery around where and how customers find and interact with your brand. There also tends to be some mystery around how customers make buying decisions and how that impacts your sales. For fun, we’ve broken this down into horse terms today. Attraction Level:  What gets people interested in what you do?[…]

local tack shop

10 Ways of Winning Sales as a Local Shop

I am a fan of shopping in-person at any local tack shop. When I travel, I seek them out and see what people are buying in that area of the country. I also like to fondle the leather (ok, I may have a teensy problem, haha), try things on and have a chat with the[…]

stallion marketing

Organize Your Stallion Promotion for Success

You have an eligible bachelor in your yard that you’ve been thinking of standing. When you take a bit of time to build an appropriate equine marketing plan to get the most out of your efforts, you’ll know what you have to spend and have a professional image to show your stallion at his highest[…]

using digital banner ads

5 Ways to Get More from Your Banner Ads

This question came from a client the other day – why aren’t our digital banner ads for our equestrian brands performing better? A great question, as some retail saddlery and apparel brands invest heavily in this area for their advertising. Let’s start with what is considered baseline for good performance. When this type of ad[…]

Why Your Equestrian Marketing Should Target Baby Boomers

Anyone who has spent time in a horse barn will tell you, there are plenty of men and women in the 50+ age group who are riding and caring for their horses. Some of them are just getting started on a childhood dream. Many of them are highly regarded instructors, coaches and competitors, yet it is still uncommon[…]

what to do when business is slow

What to do when business is slow

You’ve been busy as all get out at work for a few months but now… it’s halter class slow. Nothing is coming in your inbox, your social channels are quiet, the doorbell isn’t dinging. Your business probably has some built in slow times before or after holidays or during the cold months. If you have[…]

Make Time for Equestrian Marketing

  Marketing waits for no man (or woman), especially when it comes to equestrian marketing. Time management is a challenge, even for the most organized gal. When you juggle job, kiddos, riding, and time for your important relationships, it’s easy to let some things slide. If you already aren’t so comfortable with your current marketing[…]

Patience in marketing

A Spoonful of Patience With Your Marketing

“No great thing is suddenly created” Create a plan, be persistent, and measure success. Give your marketing efforts time to grow and produce new or more knowledgeable clients. Create a plan. Do you have one? Why not? Is it because you, “Don’t have time” or “Don’t know where to begin”? Meh. Excuses. If you are a breeder, you know[…]