July 15, 2020

Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos

No time to read lots of material on marketing?
We have you covered. Watch our super-informative new video series for small business marketers.
Grab a cuppa and get watching!

Spend a few minutes with Amanda and learn more about the process of creating your first ad set in Instagram.  Perfect for small businesses where the IG audience is an excellent target for ads. Quick to set up and select your budget, define reach and regional settings and learn where to find your metrics. Watch now!

Learn why the right side of Google search returns can benefit people looking for you.  6 minutes. Enough time for a coffee and a Zoom break.

Need to beef up your sales leads? Start with this quick video.

Link to more information on measuring the effectiveness of your lead gen efforts here.

Take a five minute break, have a coffee, and learn how to gather this information accurately to boost your marketing efforts.

Understanding impostor syndrome and how to move forward when it feels like it’s holding you back.

Link to Audible reference book – The Confidence Code

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