Product Photography for Manufacturing Products

Boost sales when you use excellent product photography

When working with engineering concepts or manufactured products, using professional images can also be an effective tool to reposition a brand or lift the perception of the quality of your offering. With the Webb telescope image comparisons coming back to us via the mainstream media, it’s a great time to evaluate if your current image portfolio is just good enough or if it offers a visual parallel for the performance and value of your optics and instruments.

I partnered with Grant Taylor Photography on a large project to upgrade optics photography in that market space a few years ago. Then, the norm was to use dated gels with harsh lighting and black backgrounds. The goal was to create a fresh, “lighter” feel (pun intended) and portray those products as important, if not significant in stature. Many images later, the optics and photonics space has moved to use well-lit, beautifully created photos as an industry.

Influencing Perceived Value

If you are charging a premium for laser mirrors, those images should create and add to the sense of value and quality they provide. The attention to detail in the final image translates to the object’s value in the image subconsciously. This occurrence can be seen in every market, from real estate and e-commerce products to performance horses. Data proves that the more professional looking the photo used, the more money the sale will generate by creating a higher perceived value of that product.

If you set up a range of product images of varying quality with identical specs, the most polished image will draw more viewer attention, more clicks, and more inquiries. Even with a higher price point.

All things being equal around the product itself, which image would you click on for more information or an RFQ?

(images used with permission)


Elevate Me Too Brands & Products

If your market space competes heavily with other similar products and defining your edge is challenging, using well-composed images can tip the scale in your favor.

Missed Opportunities

In this day and age, where you have someone’s attention for a microsecond, a poorly lit, busy background or a black component box with poor editing is judged as wanting and reflects upon the brand as well as works against you to sell the product. If it has been several years since your product image folder has been refreshed, it is time to review, cull and reshoot. 

Add To Your Brand

Most B2B business owners and product managers do not have a design background or years of experience to create an impactful shot that sells. If you are busy running a company, you do not have the availability to take an entire day or two to set up lighting and cameras and the hours needed for the final editing and touchup. 

Buyers, R&D engineers, and decision-makers are all human, so well-presented products make a positive impact that gives you an edge.

Be more competitive. When your images glow, they can reflect positively upon your website usage, pull people into your booth, and make your sell sheets sing. Professional-looking photos help to sell your products and services by lifting their perceived value.

Amanda MacDonald

Amanda MacDonald

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