brand ambassadors

Successfully Working with Brand Ambassadors in Equestrian Sports

Are you considering partnering with a brand ambassador this year? Entering into an agreement with someone in your industry to represent you can be a huge boost for visibility. In order to make this work for both parties, let’s break this down a little more. Select someone who competes in your customer base area. Want[…]

Brand Transitions

Transitioning Brand Identity Intelligently

So you have pulled the trigger on meetings to upgrade and transition your old and tired brand identity. You wade through drafts and revisions of fonts, colors, wireframes and logos to find the ideal, on-point brand that will transport your business sales to a new level. What happens next will make or break your equestrian[…]

Equine Marketing, Advertising and Branding Untangled

The use of the terms marketing, advertising and branding interchangeably happens pretty frequently if you are not a marketer, but they are actually different parts of the process that work together to give your company the best exposure. Understanding how these differ is helpful when working with a professional marketer, designer or PR person so that[…]