Customer Service IS Marketing

Customer care can make or break your company. A few years back, I was working with an OEM company that had a reputation for being difficult. They did produce high-end, phenomenal work, but the sales team didn’t follow up with people; there was a bit of an attitude when they did, and it lost them quite a bit of ground in the industry. And it took several years to overcome that perception after the issues were corrected.

A few weeks ago, I had set up an appointment with a group to take some friends to play. The place called an hour before and said they were swamped with walk-ins and that they weren’t sure we could do our thing. Since when do walk-ins bump appointments?

Customers that have been burned often stay away. You don’t get a second chance to repair the damage. Make sure the details have are double-checked on someone’s order; your staff is properly trained to handle things that come up.

Today I went to a local tack shop to get measured for new half chaps. They helped me sort out my hard-to-fit size, and gave me advice on where to find what I was looking for since they didn’t have what I was after in stock. I left happy and even bought a couple of other things while I was there.

Make sure your return process is hassle-free, and your phone tree doesn’t loop people around for five minutes. Dealing with your business should be a joy at all times, whether it’s a problem-solving call or a regular sale.

Amanda MacDonald

Amanda MacDonald

Founder of Full Gallop Communications

Amanda is a marketing veteran that works with businesses on improving brand communication, marketing strategy, and creating content marketing. When not in the office, Amanda can be found at the barn with her horse, walking her two dogs on Lake Ontario or baking something carbtastic in the oven.

Contact her at to inquire about how your marketing efforts can become more successful.

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