Brand Communication in Uncertain Times

While everyone is working hard to keep the doors open and the lights on, we are still here working from home to be sure our clients are able to share updated information quickly with their customers.

If you have not yet thought about communicating with your customers directly about changes to your current workplace, we are sharing the below information to get you started. Staying in contact with your customers is important as things are changing rapidly from city to city and state to state.

Be responsible Provide information on:

  • new or limited hours updates
  • sanitization procedures that are being utilized
  • and any staffing/sick leave

to alleviate any concerns about products or packaging when they come in contact with customers.

Communicate on all of your marketing channels

Add a statement on open hours and new processes to your home page as soon as you are able.

Social is more important now than ever. Share the above information on your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Insta channels and remember to share updates if things change.

Be compassionate

Everyone is going through this together. We are all more stressed than usual. Be nice. Be kind. Cut people some slack.

In general, be extra kind to those working in healthcare, labor & trucking and food distribution. They need your support.

If you need help getting the word out quickly regarding changes to your customers, we can help. Please give us a call to set something in motion.

Amanda MacDonald

Amanda MacDonald

Founder of Full Gallop Communications

Amanda is a marketing veteran that works with businesses on improving brand communication, marketing strategy, and creating content marketing. When not in the office, Amanda can be found at the barn with her horse, walking her two dogs on Lake Ontario or baking something carbtastic in the oven.

Contact her at to inquire about how your marketing efforts can become more successful.

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