The Marketing Funnel Explained In Horse Terms

marketing funnelThere tends to be some mystery around where and how customers find and interact with your brand. There also tends to be some mystery around how customers make buying decisions and how that impacts your sales. For fun, we’ve broken this down into horse terms today and built a marketing funnel to show you how to attract new customers.

Attraction Level:  What gets people interested in what you do? This consists of a mix of brand and product ads, social media, live videos, or trade shows.

Engagement:  Once you have people’s attention, you need to keep it with some deeper dive information. This could be tech sheets with how-to information, special sizing information, longer videos, blog posts, or having articles in related publications.

Nurture:  While people are getting to know your brand and product line, you need to keep them coming back for more information. Contests on social media, email, live events, or conversations about what you offer and how it works.

Convert:  Winning a sale! Or even better, return sales!

Not discussed in this article – Metrics. Measure what occurred, strive to do more of what worked for the next time. For information on what and how to measure as next steps, read the article – Marketing Funnel Metrics Explained – Part 2

Words of Wisdom. Keep in mind that people will not follow this path directly down every time. They self-select depending on what they need at that time. They may start in the middle, find you up at the top and then skip down to the bottom because they have what they need to move forward with a purchase.

You need to be ready at ALL levels to give people what they are searching to find, whether it’s a fun distraction or a product comparison in order to make a purchase decision.

Full Gallop Communications helps to find the gaps in your funnel to be sure that your prospects turn into real buying customers. If you are not getting the results you think you should have, contact our team for a conversation regarding how we can help you!


Amanda MacDonald, Founder/Principal

Amanda MacDonald is the founder of Full Gallop Communications and an occasional dressage rider. With almost 20 years of corporate marketing experience, she loves to help problem-solve for equestrian businesses that need to improve marketing, branding, marketing planning or strategy. Amanda usually works with her greyhound, Flynn, and lurking two office cats. Follow her popular equestrian marketing blog at

(Image credits- FreePik and Macrovector)