Omega Optical Holdings

Brand Management Marketing Strategy
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Trade Show Brand Panel – 21″

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A client launching a new parent brand with four acquired product brands needed guidance and a strategy to create a new system to communicate the relationship between all of the entities, as well as clarify the value of each brand. Full Gallop sat down with the leadership team to zero in on new brand messaging, design logos, a full go-to-market strategy, create new website content and direct some needed UX changes.

This was done all in time for a major relaunch of brands for the largest US trade show for this group.

Amanda’s greatest asset as a marketing partner is her focus on what is right for your brand. On top of her ability to conceive fresh and innovative content, Amanda is one of the rare consultative partners who is unafraid to tell you what you need to hear about your brand rather than what you want to hear.”

Justin Turner

Executive Vice President, CMO, Omega Optical Holdings