November 6, 2019

SEO Marketing


We help your company navigate the complex world of SEO Marketing to increase your digital visibility. It isn’t enough anymore to build a website for your business. There are thousands of websites you compete against for a place in the search engine rankings, and the only way to come up on the first page of Google or Yahoo’s search engines is to make sure your site is thoroughly optimized for SEO.



Focusing on SEO is key

Typically, when a website designer builds your site, they do not focus on the full-scale search engine optimization that it takes to show up on page one of the search results. As a next step, you need a skilled and knowledgeable SEO specialist who can go through every inch of your site and optimize it, page by page.

Why? You want your site to show up high in the search results for the selected keyword phrases most frequently used to find your products or service. If your site has a low domain ranking, few backlinks from credible sources, or performance issues, your website may as well be invisible.

core web vitals service

2021 Is The Year Of Core Web Vitals Update

Backend site performance and load time will affect website ranking in organic search after the May Google algorithm update. Request your site assessment and learn which areas of your site may hold you back after this change. We are here to help you maintain your current search ranking by identifying areas of concern and creating a plan to address them for you. Don’t get left behind!

Why SEO is so important


Improves brand visibility


Increases site ranking and domain authority


Improves website performance


Gains targeted website traffic


Generates new leads and sales


Maximizes your online store

Here’s how we can help put your website to work for you

  • A complete SEO assessment of your current website to determine its strengths and weaknesses
  • In-depth keyword research, primarily targeted for your site’s potential customers
  • Evaluation of your competition for SEO strengths, weaknesses, and keyword selection
  • Localized SEO optimization to reach your regional market
  • Secure selected backlinks from other websites which will boost your site’s visibility 
  • Integration of social media channels to help increase to spread the word to other potential customers
  • Optimize HTML and text with chosen keyword phrases and variations
  • Clarify Meta and other tags
  • Put a plan in place for adding new optimized content 
  • Improve the speed performance as this directly influences your site’s placement in the search rankings

As part of our digital marketing offering, SEO is an essential aspect of any well-rounded and high-performing marketing program.

Make your website work harder! 


3 Month SEO Boost Package


Site Performance Review


Targeted backlink building


Edits to backend code to address findings


2 industry-specific articles for added content


Keyword Research


Competitive research


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