April 20, 2016

Brand Management

Equestrian Branding

A well-developed brand combined with the right management tools helps potential clients remember you faster and understand what you offer.

Tell YOUR story.

Every brand has a unique story, do your materials help to tell that story? Identifying and curating that story for social media and other digital avenues is key to being followed and remembered.

Refine your message. As your company grows, so should your message and content. Refining the messaging around where you excel, new offerings or additions requires occasional clarification and updating as your business evolves.

Brand marketing strategy. It takes an average of seven “touches” before someone will even be able to remember seeing an unfamiliar brand. Make sure that your brand can stand up to the test.

Brand refresh. If your company is fortunate to have outgrown its original visuals or persona, we will work with you to get your brand back into alignment with what it offers today.

Not sure if your company is ready for an update? Read Three Indicators It's Time to Update Your Brand. >>>

What our clients are saying about our Brand Process:

“I was reluctant to hire anyone to help me begin my business with website design and marketing. I thought I should just be able to figure out how to do it on my own. Fortunately, I had an initial conversation with Amanda about her work and felt instantly at ease with having her on board to build my business! Amanda’s ability to access my business needs and translate them in action steps that I could follow was impressive to say the least. As someone who is rather naive when it comes to both technology and marketing, it was vital for me to trust Amanda and her knowledge/experience. She listened to me, motivated me, and assured me that this process was not only possible but would be a positive one. She was right! She was able to meet me where I was and walk me through the process to now having a website I love and marketing tools in place.

I cannot say enough about how fortunate I feel to have found and worked with Amanda. She has helped me to launch my business, and I look forward to continued opportunities to work with her in the future as my business expands.”

– Terri Lance, PhD, Founder, HealthLynk Coaching

Common brand concerns that Full Gallop serves:

  • We need to understand our Brand Value
  • We have a disconnect between internal and external perceptions
  • We need to better communicate what our brand means
  • We need a plan our team will get behind
  • We need to understand our customer wants & needs better
  • We need to be certain our employees understand our brand
  • We need to offer better customer experiences
  • We need to reach new customers and new markets

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Located in the Rochester, NY area, Full Gallop Communications is a marketing strategy agency and marketing technology consultant for global clients in the equestrian, technology manufacturing and non-profit lanes.