Equestrian Branding

A well-developed brand, combined with the right management tools, helps potential clients remember you faster and understand what you offer.

Tell YOUR story.

Every brand has a unique story; do your materials help to tell that story? Identifying and curating that story for social media and other digital avenues is key to being followed and remembered.

Refine your message. 

As your company grows, so should your message and content. Refining the messaging around where you excel, new offerings, or additions requires occasional clarification and updating as your business evolves. A new tagline, copy about what you offer, or a broader vision statement is needed as your company grows.

A solid strategy creates a winning brand. 

It takes an average of seven touches before someone will even be able to remember seeing an unfamiliar brand. Make sure that your brand can stand up to the test.

Time for a brand refresh. 

If your company is fortunate to have outgrown its original visuals or persona, we will work with you to get your brand back into alignment with what it offers today. A new/refreshed logo, updated color selection, and fresh fonts will instantly give your company's face an improved feel.

Are you still wondering if you need to review your brand? Read our article on the Three Indicators It's Time to Update Your Brand. >>>

What our clients say:

Working with you and Full Gallop has been an absolute pleasure. You have helped develop the CMM Optic identity that they have been looking for and I wanted to thank you personally. CMM Optic looks forward to the next phase of our partnership and the success that it will yield.  

Tom Goundry - Vice President of Business Development

Ready to talk about a new logo, identity upgrade or new brand positioning?

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What our clients are saying about our Brand Process:

Amanda has been very easy to work with on numerous Marketing and Advertising projects for our business as well as developing a Brand Recognition Plan. Working with her throughout the past year has been very helpful to our business and ourselves, as business owners, to understand what it truly takes to Promote, Brand and Introduce our business to prospects and customers in a consistent manner. Her depth of knowledge across the Marketing Spectrum has helped us in print and online media, online ad promotion, as well as website development and enhancements to incorporate our new branding guidelines."

– Patrick Iulianello, Vice President, AccuCoat inc


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