what to do when business is slow

What to do when business is slow

You’ve been busy as all get out at work for a few months but now… it’s halter class slow. Nothing is coming in your inbox, your social channels are quiet, the doorbell isn’t dinging. Your business probably has some built in slow times before or after holidays or during the cold months. If you have[…]

Make Time for Equestrian Marketing

  Marketing waits for no man (or woman), especially when it comes to equestrian marketing. Time management is a challenge, even for the most organized gal. When you juggle job, kiddos, riding, and time for your important relationships, it’s easy to let some things slide. If you already aren’t so comfortable with your current marketing[…]

Patience in marketing

A Spoonful of Patience With Your Marketing

“No great thing is suddenly created” Create a plan, be persistent, and measure success. Give your marketing efforts time to grow and produce new or more knowledgeable clients. Create a plan. Do you have one? Why not? Is it because you, “Don’t have time” or “Don’t know where to begin”? Meh. Excuses. If you are a breeder, you know[…]

Planning a jump course

Equestrian Marketing Planning is Like Riding a Jump Course

Marketing strategy is knowing what you need to accomplish, where you need to land in the end and are allowed some flexibility in your ride/journey. You then learn to adapt and think quickly, make decisions and get more comfortable in trusting your gut.  This is all biz school/entrepreneur coaching that you find online everyday. While[…]

customer experience marketing

Improving Customer Experience in Tack Shops 

Making sense of customer experience marketing You all have visited a tack shop like this. Overflowing in every corner like Ollivander’s wand shop. Towers of saddles, rows of boots, jumbles of bridle parts, odd sizes or one random piece. Dusty bottles that make you wonder if the contents have dried out. Dark, dusty corners and[…]

How to Start Marketing Your Stable, Farm or Horse Business

Marketing tools have upped the variety you have at your fingertips, but also have made it more confusing than ever for someone just wading in at the shallow end. You’ve may have dabbled a bit, but still not certain about where to spend your time and resources. Where the heck to start? I’ve broken this[…]