3 Reasons Why Your Website Is Losing Traffic

As someone that sees a lot of manufacturing websites, it’s immediately apparent which ones are geared for their users from a complete and straightforward content POV. From keyword selection and implementation to help buyers make a purchase decision (and stay on your site), to educating new people in your industry, having complete content is always an asset.

SEO keywords are our first stop in this article. Understanding and selecting the right phrase that will also perform and then including it in your slug, meta description and title are incredibly easy and often overlooked by those making updates to site. Do it the right way first, and reap the benefits later.

Taking the time to add in new content with selected keywords will get people to your site who need to find your solution.

Giving people a good reason to stick around and read more is the second important reason.

Look at your site in terms of who your visitors are. Are they engineers that need to have details and specs and tolerances? If you can’t immediately prove that your solutions fit their needs, the reader will move on to your competitor’s site. 

Buyers are a commonly overlooked group of web users for a B2B situation. They require detailed information to know which product is being requested and verify that it’s the correct item. They typically are handed a link or print out to order a widget that holds a filter or other part on a project build. They don’t know what it is or what it does, but the information provided should always be easy to identify, easy to order online with a PO, or contact someone immediately. Buyers are a time-crunched group, and the easier you make doing business for them, the longer they will keep you around as a vendor.

It’s always worth asking their opinion when making website changes as part of a test group to be sure that you have not overlooked something they need. There are too many other options out there, don’t give someone a silly reason to bail on your site.

The education of newbies in your industry is something that only a few groups do well. Education is essential for a few reasons. One, it gives people a reason to come to your site for needed information for other things – writing papers, reference data, or diagrams that explain complex topics. Two, when you take the time to build up the trust in potential customers before they need you, it’s highly likely that they will return to purchase later. You’ve already built-in brand awareness, confidence in your services, and some knowledge of what you provide. It’s the very top level of the sales funnel.

By paying close attention to your website with a periodic review and strategy for new pages, you will save time and loss of traffic down the road. Have a content strategy for the year, plan out what and when new content will be needed and be sure that it ticks all the boxes for your users.

Amanda MacDonald

Amanda MacDonald

Founder of Full Gallop Communications

Amanda is a marketing veteran that works with businesses on improving brand communication, marketing strategy, and creating content marketing. When not in the office, Amanda can be found at the barn with her horse, walking her two dogs on Lake Ontario or baking something carbtastic in the oven.

Contact her at hello@fullgallopcomm.com to inquire about how your marketing efforts can become more successful.

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