July 1, 2022

Full Gallop 2023 Optics Marketing Awards

optics photonics marketing awards

Introducing The Full Gallop Awards for Optics & Photonics Marketing

The FIRST EVER marketing awards for the Optics & Photonics community were created to celebrate and promote the hard work that goes into those creating gorgeous trade show spaces, exceptional project management, dedication to excellent design standards and last, but certainly not least, Marketer of the Year.

How this will work:

– You enter your or your team’s work in the appropriate category, when entries open
– Our Panel Judges  will review each submission and select a winner in each class
– Winners will be announced and pinned during Photonics West 2023

It’s time to show off your accomplishments to those that really understand and appreciate the work that it takes to do marketing well.


The Categories will be pinned during Photonics West 2023.

I need more information on how to enter!

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Get your name on the information list today for updates, opening/closing deadlines and ground rules!


B2B marketing has its own set of challenges. Creating successful product launches, consistent social media, compelling branding, and meaningful messaging takes dedication, and a specific understanding of the values and fast-changing technologies in optics & photonics today. 

It is also easy to take all of that heavy lifting for granted when it happens seamlessly. Business owners also know that it is very easy to put everything before the marketing. So, Full Gallop Communications is introducing the first ever Marketing Awards within the Optics Community.

It’s time to show off your accomplishments and your team to those that really understand the work that it takes.

Awards:  Bragging rights in six categories and a Championship ribbon to hang over your shoulder during those long Zooms to remind people of your awesomeness. Winners in all categories will be featured on the website and social media.

Cost to Enter:  No fee. We want our hardworking optics and photonics marketers to get credit where credit is due this year.

Marketer of the Year.

Nominate your go-to person that continually brings it. That person that always finds a way forward, gets the results, and thinks out of the box. 

Best Optics Social Media Campaign

Did you start something that people loved? Did you grow your follower base far above the norm? Show us what people are Toking about.

Best Optics/Photonics Branding

Did your company create a fresh visual brand in the past year? Show us how amazing it is.

Best Promotional Video Or Webinar

Yawn…nothing worse than a boring webinar. Did your team produce a compelling video or webinar that kept people engaged? We need to see this!

Project Managed 

Did you pull off an extensive project with intensive deadline? We want to give you another round of applause for this super hero feat. Tell us about your project and how your team worked a miracle.

Best Optics/Photonics Ad Campaign (Product/Service/OEM)

We want to showcase those compelling designs and messaging. New products and product lines are exciting stuff. Show us how you made things even more exciting with your marketing launch.