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June 2019 - All About Direct Marketing

April 2019 Issue - Marketing Coaching   I   Marketing Tools

February 2019 Issue - Equine Marketing Funnel  I  Rebranding Close Up  I  Strategic Marketing

We've had some fun with the standard marketing funnel view. See how we tackle this for equestrian minds...

Sept 2018 Issue - "Why is my ad not working?"  I  Planning Your Strategy  I  Corporate Culture 

July 2018 Issue  - Veterinary Clinic Brand Showcase & Resources I  Video Branding  I SEO

Thinking about a rebrand? Read how we handled this for a recent client from logo to website to overview video.

May 2018 IssueGDPR  I 10 Ways of Winning Against Amazon  I  Brand Ambassador Sarah Hepler

Brick and mortar shops CAN compete against big e-commerce. GDPR and how it affects your business. Announcing Sarah Hepler as the Full Gallop brand ambassador

April 2018 Issue3 Indicators Your Brand is Ready for an Update I  Download - Tips Sheet for Rebranding Success

To rebrand or not to rebrand! That is the question of the month. It's always a good idea to keep a pulse on what you put out there and know if it represents you well (or maybe not!). Included in this issue is a collection of ideas and tools to make faster, easier decisions this year.

February 2018 IssueWhat Goes Into Building Your Marketing Strategy I AETA International Winter 2018 Roll Up

January is big trade show season for most businesses, so for this issue we are focusing on determining what is marketing strategy, a roll up of the many new activities at AETA if you were not able to attend, and some helpful information on how to squeeze ROI from your next WEF or Land Rover 3-Day booth.

October 2017 Issue - Care and Feeding of Brand Champions I Outsmart Your Fear of Marketing Spending

October is a BIG planning month for many businesses. Up first, a closer look at those who love and support what you do and how to keep them in your corner long term. This month's budget planning feature article digs into key information for those of you who need to create a plan, but hesitate when it comes to knowing where to start or focus your resources.  If you are not a planning expert, this issue is for you!

August 2017 Issue - The SEO Issue

This Special Edition is ALL about SEO and what it can do to benefit your brand online.  Search Engine Optimization is a million little things that add up to get to a result that is easy to find, for what you offer. Google players keep changing the game and Google keeps changing it's algorithm to penalize the rule benders. Sometimes on a daily basis. What used to work even two years ago, is not as helpful now, or in some cases will work against you.

Starting with the basics of SEO and beginning to think like a pro, to the more in-depth and very important Link Building Strategies, by Guest Blogger & SEO Pro, Penny Hankins, this issue is full of highly useful information to up your competitive online game.

May 2017 Issue - Hay May! Issue

Along with all of the ritual Spring cleaning of garages, closets and tack trunks, it's time to take a closer look at your approach to your branding and lead generation. Whether it's time for a new graphic approach for your website, or a change in thought towards your B2B customers, now is a great time to get rolling. Read our Award Winning Article on B2B Marketing for Equestrian Businesses.

Special Edition - Successfully Working with Brand Ambassadors

Are you considering partnering with a brand ambassador this year? Entering into an agreement with someone in your industry to represent you can be a huge boost for visibility. In order to make this work for both parties we break this process down and give you things to be aware of while planning, and ways to protect your business.