Why Equestrian (and all) Marketing Should Target Baby Boomers

Anyone who has spent time in a horse barn will tell you, there are plenty of men and women in the 50+ age group who are riding and caring for their horses. Some of them are just getting started on a childhood dream. Many of them are highly regarded instructors, coaches and competitors, yet it[…]

6 Ideas for Making Marketing Time

Marketing waits for no man (or woman), especially when it comes to equestrian marketing. Time management is a challenge, even for the most organized gal. When you juggle job, kiddos, riding, and time for your important relationships, it’s easy to let some things slide. If you already aren’t so comfortable with your current marketing approach,[…]

Writing kick ass emails that get results

8 Ways to Kick Butt with Email

Email is the perfect accessory to the well-heeled marketing plan. The success of your marketing plan can be determined quickly by answering this question, do you know if your emails kick butt? Email is nearly 40x better than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers. (McKinsey & Company) Email conversion rates are 3x higher than social[…]

Web Design Project management

8 Critical Things You Need to Do Before Starting a Website

It’s fairly easy to find a web person these days that will take on your new web project. Before you begin, fully understanding this type of workflow will help you to keep the project on course, and also allow you to manage expectations for a beautiful and functional website. If this is your first foray[…]