5 Reasons Why You Need Landing Pages

Landing pages

Landing pages are often overlooked in a digital tactical plan. This type of web page is an important part of your buyer funnel for both b2b and b2c companies and is normally a sub-page containing very specific information. It may or may not be listed in your navigation, as it can serve a different purpose than your typical web page.

Creating these mid-buyer stage pages for readers that are working through a complex decision, such as a custom product order or just a regular purchase decision for your service, will help someone compare a product, take advantage of a sale or allow you to track the efficacy of an ad. (See our breakdown of the marketing funnel)

The 5 Reasons

1 – Landing pages allow you to control very specific messaging regarding product reviews, testimonials, product specs, or downloads, all without the viewer leaving that page. They can offer a way for someone to send their information to you directly, such as signing up for a newsletter or special offers.

2 – Do you use GoogleAds? Quality scores are highly dependent upon an informative landing page that gives Google pertinent information as an entrance into your larger website. This does not need to be a main section page but should be a clear doorway into your site for those wanting additional information. Not only does a higher quality score allow your ad to rank higher up in search returns, but it will decrease your ad costs. Win-win.

3 – Do you need to track online ads but don’t know where to begin?
Know exactly where your visitors came in and from where without complex add-on software. Using landing pages that can only be accessed from specific ads shows you which ads are working and which are not in a flash. Use Google Analytics to manage and view this information.

4 – Using special product offers?
Running a special short term sale or offer? Sending out a digital newsletter? Using landing pages will help you to create a better user experience for those clicking on links into your site. By using just the direct information from that link on the landing page, you allow for a faster read, a quicker decision about your product without all of the other competing information.

A landing page can be used for specific campaigns, to separate information or stories. Don’t forget to include customer feedback, product ratings information and calls to action to help people feel comfortable, earn trust in your product and help make a buying decision more quickly.

5 – Is your company using SEO?
Using specific keyword combinations and body copy content creates dialed-in landing pages that are geared towards higher search returns in Google, Bing and other search engines. Keyword research will help you to know which high performing words and long-tail phrases should be used when building your landing pages for even better results.

Bonus Data

Savvy web builders and marketers are now using a siloed approach to organizing web site information to allow people to more easily find related information about their services. The company Paychex does this around each of their main areas. You can see this from the home page as there are only a few top navigation options. If you have a very large offering, this can be highly beneficial to helping people find the information they need during any point in their decision-making process.

Remembering to utilize landing pages incorporated into the other aspects of your marketing efforts will bring you a higher return on your overall effort, help your customers more efficiently and create a better website.

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Amanda MacDonald, Founder/PrincipalAmanda MacDonald, Founder of Full Gallop Communications, is a marketing veteran that works with equine, manufacturing and non-profit businesses on improving brand communication, marketing strategy, and content marketing. With over 17 years of experience and a lifetime of riding behind her, MacDonald loves to work with the companies that enrich the lives of her riding partners. Contact her at hello@fullgallopcomm.com to inquire about how your marketing efforts can become more successful.