5 Equestrian Companies Pushing Tech Boundaries

Equestrian Apps


More and more equestrians are turning to apps to track training progress, equine health and business details than ever before. When most people picture “equestrian,” they normally picture traditional leather tack and rolling hills and barns, but recently there has been a substantial developmental push into equine apps and online tools to help manage your horse’s farrier and vet visits, wearable horse technology to keep track of your horse’s workout session details and even equine business-related software for more profitability for stables. It’s an exciting time to be a horse owner or a professional in the equestrian world.

Here are a few of the newest, cutting-edge offerings to investigate for yourself.

Vert – Perfect for beginners learning to understand when the horse is flexing at the poll correctly or learning pace on the trail or x-country course. The tiny light attaches to the crown-piece of your bridle and changes colors. Need a heart rate monitor app for your horse? Soon Vert will have indication lights for heart rate. Designed by Dr. Hilary Clayton’s team at Equ.la

Barnlog offers horse owners a way to manage their horse’s health needs, upcoming shows, post for answers in a group forum, sell and buy a new show horse or get a great deal on an upscale stallion breeding. Designed and built to be the “one-stop-shop” for equestrians, horse owners and founders, Stefan Parker and Christina Grey-Parker, created this as a fun way to serve the horse community with everything you need, no matter if you own one horse or ten. Cost to join? Free

EquineOffice.com – This app was developed to assist big lesson barns with all your lessons and horse appointments. It tracks which lessons/riders your horses are scheduled with and in which ring and instructor. Know who has paid and who has not before you put a boot in the ring. Move a lesson time? Send notices to everyone at once.  Student lesson notes? No problem. Need to know which horse has worked and when this week? Got ya covered. Free demo ride.

FoalPoint – Developed for breeding barns to let you know within hours of foaling, this innovative system is changing the way breeding barns are managing mare herd health and pinpointing when foaling begins without intrusive sewn-in monitors. The system also tracks key medical and fertility data. This company has won numerous awards for its work to make mare reproductive management easier on everyone.  pfera.com

The Farriers  App – by Equitotal, is designed to be a full office assistant (minus the cheery voice and coffee bringer) for mobile farriers, massage therapists and saddle fitters, basically, anyone billing and booking from a truck office, that is not a veterinarian. Offering horse records, history, full appointment management and credit card payments, this robust app is already being used in the UK and Europe.  Offers a free trial period of 30 days.

All of these new apps and programs are well-suited to anyone in the equine business of horseback riding, horse racing, equine health provider, or camp management looking for a more enjoyable way to do business in a highly mobile world.  For more information, check out the Global HorseTech Market Report – downloadable for free.


Amanda MacDonald, Founder/PrincipalAmanda MacDonald is the founder of Full Gallop Communications, an equestrian marketing consultancy in the US, and an occasional dressage rider. With almost 20 years of corporate marketing experience, she loves to help problem-solve for equestrian businesses that need to improve marketing, branding, marketing planning or strategy. Amanda usually works with her greyhound, Flynn, and two office cats. Follow her popular equestrian marketing blog at FullGallopComm.com.