Why Isn’t My Ad Working?

"Why is my ad not working?" is a topic that comes up often for marketing consultants. Often times, a company that does not regularly run advertising will run a single ad and expect their inbox to explode as a result. We can help you to maximize the return on all of your planned advertising.

  • Your ad is part of a larger sales funnel that allows viewers multiple ways to understand what you offer.
  • People purchase when they are ready, not when you are ready to sell to them.
  • The ad message may be unclear or too similar to your competitors, may not memorable, or is possibly over used.
  • In order to understand how your ad is performing, you need to know what to measure first.


For more information on getting the most out of your ad campaign, chat with Amanda to see how Full Gallop can maximize your reach. Send your questions to hello@fullgallocomm.com

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