How To Define Social Media End Goals

defining social media end goalsYes, you want to grow your audience and be visible to more people. Yes, you want followers to respond to your carefully crafted and witty posts.  When you take a moment to define social media end goals, you’ll find that your strategy works better and your blog gains more readers.

It seems like so many businesses have forgotten the actual point of it all.

What is the end goal then?

You want them to hire your service or purchase or download whatever it is that pays your bills and if they can’t do that directly from that social channel (LinkedIn – nope, Twitter – nope, Snapchat – nope, Facebook – yes, Instagram – yes) then your strategy is still missing the point.

If your posts aren’t able to drive people to your website or get them to call you, your strategy wasn’t successful.

Watch those website entry metrics and ask lots of questions to find out what is really working for you. Chances are someone did their homework to see if you are active on most of the main channels if you seem like a good fit. You’ll also be surprised at the range of responses you get when you ask directly. Can you see if web visitors that enter from social media platforms then get to your contact page, read a deeper dive into your content, or spend more than 03 seconds on your home page? If this information not visible, then spend time in your website performance software and set it up properly.

Once you can see this, you can then back into looking at any disconnects between the flow of social media channel > web site. Why is it breaking down? What worked?

Think about your target audience, who they are and where they spend their time. It took me some time to sort this out for myself when I went into business. I also had to narrow down who I really wanted to do business with and adapted my approach. I completely changed where I needed to be seen and I needed to remain flexible enough to abandon some efforts where they were not paying off, even though they were fun to produce.

In the event that your marketing strategy involves being seen at multiple shows as a vendor or sponsor, and they can speak to you in person during that event, then yes, please post lots of enticing photos of your gorgeous booth and the nice people working there.

Every fifth post or so should give viewers a nudge and a call-to-action to do something for you. Share all of that helpful information, news, cat videos, riding clips and then ask them to check out your amazing product directly on your site. Rinse, repeat.

Unless your last name is Kardashian, you are not here to entertain, you are here to sell.  We are all pulled in multiple directions on a daily basis, so make these tools work for you in a smarter capacity. As my husband says, “Don’t work harder, work smarter.”

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Amanda MacDonald

About the Author:  Amanda MacDonald, Founder of Full Gallop Communications, is a marketing veteran that works with equine-based businesses on improving brand communication, marketing strategy and content marketing. With over 17 years of experience, and a lifetime of riding behind her, MacDonald loves to work with the companies that enrich the lives of her riding partners.

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