Writing Marketing Content That People Care About

How to write content people will care about

Say you run a feed manufacturing company that caters to owners of horses with special dietary needs, key for certain breeds and particular health issues. You struggle to be seen and your target customer doesn’t seem to understand the importance of your product or how it can benefit them.

I see this type of example over and over again. Just listing the dietary protein, fat and minerals is not going to mean anything to someone who doesn’t count calories nor knows what their animal really requires for optimum health.

For example, would you sell a car to someone by just listing the parts?

My Car Ad: This sky blue 1972 Nova offers

25% tires, 2% steering wheel, 15% brakes, 45% engine…

Does this tell the buyer how the car is running? If it needs body work? How many miles on the odometer, or MPG?  Can you assess if this is the car for you with only that information?

Of course not! Why would you create your product campaign material in the same way?

Creating Your Marketing Content

So how DO you go about selling to a group that doesn’t understand the value of the makeup of your product? Determine who you need to target, where they live, their average income level and education, in order to get a better picture of the type of person that you want to receive your information.

Once you know what that specific persona looks like, start with what THEY care about and create your campaign around those benefits. It might mean some of the following:

  • Healthy outcomes in indicated use cases

  • Any cost savings if they switch to your product

  • Ease of purchase, better customer service or delivery to their door

  • Can they test this product, or can you provide some sort of testing to show that it works? Show the results!

When you show the value in your product in outcomes, showcase results and show this in visual terms (before and after, graphs), clarity occurs, lightbulbs go off, people share information and the wheel turns.

A word about keywords. Do some online work and sort out the most common keywords that people use to find your type of product and work those into your online sections. If you make something new and uncommon, then use your best guess and be ready to change it up once things take hold and you have more data to work with.

For more information on why content writing is something that every business should be focused on - Why We Love Content Writing (And You Should, too)

If this is all just Swahili to you, or your bandwidth is maxed out, get a marketing content professional (ahem) involved and stop spinning your wheels.

Full Gallop offers support for industry-specific content writing (and not just for the equestrian market) Contact us for a quote on your specific material and boost your customer understanding of the value of your products.


As a life-long equestrian, I understand the importance of keeping our horses healthy, happy and well-appointed. And with over 15 years of experience in marketing, I can help you to translate that shared goal into a brand that drives sales. I’ve mastered marketing strategy, branding, website production, and digital media marketing, and led successful teams to bring it all together.  So it’s a pleasure to offer my services and knowledge to those who make my life more enjoyable and to bring new products and services to others to keep our horses happy and healthy. Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn!