New Adventures in 2018

new years resolutionThis is the time of year for looking forward to starting new adventures in 2018, new challenges and new explorations.

I’m taking some time for myself this week to get away from my desk, read a book or two, finally watch the end of Game of Thrones (no spoilers!) and see some family. There are two black cats sacked out at my feet enjoying the rare sunshine and a greyhound napping on a saddle pad that needs washing while I type at the kitchen table. This is more of a personal post than sharing marketing information today, and I may be polishing off the last of the cookies with my coffee right now.

For Christmas I received a new show coat, so keeping fit and making plans to sort out which horse shows and which tests to ride will be a part of my priorities. At least I have a few months to undo the cookie damage and feel strong in my show clothes. Already combatting cabin fever here, so already hitting the gym to get out of the house and keep moving. It’s 15 degrees and sunny today, and the barn reports it’s not cold enough for frozen whiskers, so I’ll be layering up to sweat in the saddle later.

Lucy’s not the fanciest bay beast out there, but we have made leaps and bounds of progress in the past year. We’ve proven that we can show and survive the day, and have a good time doing it. That in of itself is huge. We’ve definitely improved our communication (Ask less, expect more) and have seen some marked improvements in staying in front of the bit, self balance (hers and mine) and general attitude. Since we won’t get high marks against the free-flowing thoroughbreds for gaits, we’ll have to make up for it with accuracy and working harder. Lu and I have come a long way together and I’m really proud of where we’ve landed.

The end of January, I’ll be attending AETA to talk to attendees Saturday and Sunday about a variety of marketing topics (AETA Bites Sessions), see the new tack and tog trends for 2018 and spend some time with like-minded folks. If you are also attending, I’d love to say hello and learn what you are doing as well. Immediately following I’ll be heading out to San Francisco for Photonics West and booth duty for a client. A good portion of my client base is in optics, not equestrian, which is definitely disparate and keeps things interesting and challenging from an industry and therefore, marketing, perspective.

Full Gallop has officially been around for two years now and I’m so proud of what has transpired since the start. I’ve been able to work with clients that inspire me and push me to keep up with marketing information that changes with the speed of light. I’ve been able to partner with other talented people to be able to offer more robust support, such as SEO expertise and more complex web programming. Full Gallop will continue to support businesses with branding and marketing strategies this year, and I’m eager to see what new things clients will ask for as we go along.

The equestrian world is on a tipping point of using new data systems, driving changes to how we treat, ride and play with our horses. I plan to talk more about this as the year goes on, but tech companies rolling out new products targeted for riders, veterinarians and breeders will be key to anyone in the business or playing with horses. It will continue to be a game changer when we amass the behavioral data from hundreds of horses and make it available to researchers to help deal with injury, behavioral problems and infectious disease.

2018 is going to be an amazing year of change for the equine world, and I’m excited to be in the thick of it. Happy New Year All!