Equine Holiday Gifts

Or, what I want for Christmas.

Got a “horsey gel” in the family? Need ideas for your significant other? The retail marketplace for equine holiday gifts has become endless and dizzying, not to mention the prospect of cost. Need some reasonable ideas for your favorite equestrian this holiday season? Never fear, below is a list to get you started of some of my most favorite discovered gems. (And now you also know what to get for me.)

Keep in mind these are not paid promotions, these are my personal picks.



Phyllis Stein FoxyBasically, where have you been all my life? Fabulous and rocker-edgy Canadian short-run wearables for the Hunter/Jumper crowd. Frankly, I want wear these tees to work with jeans, jacket and stilettos. Because sometimes you just need a kick-ass T and some lipstick to get through your day. Also, totally fab with britches and boots, bitches.

This new Foxy sweatshirt will be available at the Royal in Toronto for $75 or order online. Super soft and distressed grey fleece. Be warned, these run out fast, so if you like it, buy it.





screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-4-47-15-pmThe softer side of tees. The brainchild of college student, Kate Kosnoff, who tackles big issues of body-image in the show ring.  “Riders for Well-Being aims to promote change in the equestrian community and to raise awareness about the prevalence of eating disorders, skewed body image, and low self-esteem among horse back riders everywhere. No rider should ever feel limited by the way he or she looks. Instead, they should feel strong, fit, and healthy for all equestrian pursuits. Beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes.”

Supporting R4WB also supports the National Eating Disorders Association  so feel extra good about your gift that keeps on giving.




If thescreen-shot-2016-09-30-at-4-34-01-pm graphic style and spot-on commentary on horse life looks familiar, you’ve likely seen Galloping Graphics popping up everywhere lately (like R4FW above).  From customizable horse/rider combo tees and sweatshirts to stocking stuffer stickers for all ages, you will find something for everyone here.

Three for me…one for you… this gift shopping thing is hard, people. I want them all. Because I do “just want to ride horses and eat tacos.”




screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-4-57-12-pmIf riding horses isn’t enough and you (or your wife, daughter, niece) need to spend your downtime reading about them, I recommend something from the library of author Natalie Keller Reinert. Frankly, much of her series populate a good chunk of my Kindle and I usually snag one when I fly to ensure that my travel time is well spent.

Look for “Courage” coming out in November – the Jules and Pete eventing story continues. Check them out on Amazon in paperback or Kindle versions.






Show Girl GlamBarn pearls? Yes, please! Need some matching bling for the ring? Find it at Show Girl Glam.

No worries about losing valuable versions with lots of styles to choose – from bows to earrings and pins. Look for color trends for the most up-to-date show look for next year!

If you show with Emma, be sure to check out her makeup and bun services before you go in the ring for the most polished and professional look.





Marketing Never SleepsWell, I’d be a pretty lousy marketer if I didn’t at least give this little gem a plug here. If you have a friend that is a trainer, farrier, tack shop owner or massage therapist, this book is for them. The book contains a collection of the best tips for small (and medium) sized equine businesses, along with much longer thoughts on how to implement.

Real marketing thoughts on what you need to know today to make the most of your plan (or if you don’t have one, how to get one) and lots of ways to move forward and build your business.

A steal at only $8.97. Download today.




So there you have my favorite equine holiday gift ideas for 2016. Let me know what you think or what you might add to this list.