Celebrating Milestones in Your Business

Celebrating MilestonesWith the one year anniversary of Full Gallop in August, I’ve been contemplating a bit on milestones and trusting your path quite a bit lately.  As with any start up effort, there is some agita to break the inertia and get things rolling, as well as some necessary learning of new things like business bookkeeping and taxes, how to “sell” and so forth.  There is quite a bit of testing and tracking what is working and what isn’t.

Whether your business is providing on-the-circuit coaching, or running a tack shop, or manufacturing the world’s best optics, there are growth milestones to be celebrated. Your first client, your first sponsored rider, your first mistake. Yup, I said mistake. You goof up and learn from experience and if you are a smart cookie, you don’t repeat it. You also don’t beat yourself up about it either.

Learning to let go of control. You have very little control over outcomes in many situations and if you are a certified Type-A personality, you know of what I speak. There are times where your bid might be beat out by a larger group with more experience. Or maybe there is just some unidentifiable stuff going on in the background with your client that is getting in the way. You can’t take it personally and you have to chalk it up under $hit you can’t control.

There are more fun things to celebrate, like finding amazing people to collaborate with. I’ve met or reconnected with some talented ladies that push the level of what I can offer alone.

Being able to do the introductions, instead of receiving one, is so much more fun.

Watching followers on social media return. Watching my site metrics grow. These are small wins, and I try not to get too caught up in those.

Being selected as a speaker to present next year on the topic of selling sporting equipment to women to a largely male audience.

Celebrating new business and sales goals with a glass of champagne.

Remembering it’s the long performance that counts and not the sprint.

Getting paid to do what you love, for the kinds of business that you also love, doesn’t really fit into the milestone category. It’s just the best.


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Amanda MacDonaldAs a life-long equestrian, I understand the importance of keeping our horses healthy, happy and well-appointed. I’m also a marketing consultant who helps equine and pet businesses refine their marketing strategy to attract more pre-qualified customers. Unlike non-equine agencies, I understand your business and your ideal customer before creating your strategy.

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