A Spoonful of Patience With Your Marketing

Dressage requires patience
“No great thing is suddenly created”

Create a plan, be persistent, and measure success. Give your marketing efforts time to grow and produce new or more knowledgeable clients.

Create a plan. Do you have one? Why not? Is it because you, “Don’t have time” or “Don’t know where to begin”? Meh. Excuses. If you are a breeder, you know if you want to produce reining horses and sell them to fabulous amateur riders with cash to burn. If you manufacture archery equipment, you know that you want to design and sell to people that hunt or target shoot. Defining who you need to reach, how you are going to reach them and where to find them is just the beginning.

Be persistent. Don’t send out just one email thinking it will bring loads of people knocking on your email window. It takes seven touches for people to even remember your name. So don’t stop with one, or seven.  When they are ready, you’ll be top of mind. It also takes lots of conversation before someone is ready to trust you.



Measure twice, cut once. At least that’s what my dad always said when building our barn, fences, and all the other house projects along the way. But start by defining what is the key to your particular success – more customers, better web traffic, more exposure for those fancy yearlings. Maybe it’s getting better clients. But define what growth is to you, and be sure it’s a reasonable goal. 50% more traffic by year end is a reasonable goal. 500% is not.

Yes, it’s normal to be excited and want to see immediate changes. I check my stats like an obsessive monkey. No, it’s not healthy and is probably directly related to how much coffee I’ve had that day.  And I need to drink more tea.

Be sure your plan makes room for the patience part. Be sure your strategy supports enough activity and visibility. Talk to experts (me, ahem), and find out what else you could be doing that maybe you hadn’t thought of doing. Experiment if possible and set a short term goal.

Be willing to change tack and let that thing do it’s job for awhile, even if you can’t see immediate results. Building visibility, trust and authenticity takes time. Put your plan in place and sit back and have some tea.

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BrandingHi, I’m Amanda!  As a life-long equestrian, I understand the importance of keeping our horses healthy, happy and well-appointed. And with over 15 years of experience in marketing, I can help you to translate that shared goal into a brand that drives sales. I’ve mastered marketing strategy, branding, website production and digital media marketing, and led successful teams to bring it all together.  So it’s a pleasure to offer my services and knowledge to those who make my life more enjoyable, and to bring new products and services to others to keep our horses happy and healthy. Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn!